Barking mad? British taxi driver paid to pick up pet dog - from Madrid

Barking mad? British taxi driver paid to pick up pet dog - from MadridStock photo: PA

Us English folk are well-known for being dog-lovers, but one British pooch might be more pampered than the rest.

A British taxi driver has been commissioned to pick up a lady's dog - all the way to Madrid and back.

John Jupp said he was called by the owner of the dog who lives in Knightsbridge, London, and was offered a fare for a round-trip to the Spanish capital

According to the Metro, he told the London Evening Standard: 'As she had previously been a good customer, I said yes. She then asked me to give her a price to pick the dog up and bring it to her house in Knightsbridge, so I asked her for the address. Her reply was truly a moment I will not forget – Madrid.'

Mr Jupp is keeping tight-lipped about exactly how much he charged to do the job, but he revealed that he took a 16-hour drive to Calais from Madrid, where he came across a problem because the do's vet certificate had expired by six hours.

But, after a fee of £100 was paid, the taxi man and his dog were allowed to continue their journey to Knightsbridge.

That's one much-loved mutt.

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