Biggest apps of the year revealed

Picture of the Angry Birds gameThe Daily Telegraph has reported on the top iPhone apps for this year and there's no surprise for addicts like me - Angry Birds is the most downloaded paid-for app. Chief among the unpaids, equally unsurprisingly, is Facebook.

So people like being social and they like flinging near-wingless birds at malevolent green pigs. No surprises there, then.
The Telegraph's full listing for paid-for iPhone apps was:

10. Where's Wally? in Hollywood
9. TuneIn Radio Pro
8. Tiny Wings
7. Doodle Jump
6. Angry Birds Rio - in which the birds meet the characters from the film, Rio
5. Fruit Ninja
4. Cut the Rope
3. Angry Birds Seasons (yes them again)
2. WhatsApp Messenger
1. Angry Birds

The unpaid apps chart runs as follows:

10. Bubble Shooter Free
9. BBC News
8. National Lottery official app
7. Angry Birds Rio free
6. eBay
5. Viber
4. iBooks
3. Twitter
2. Skype
1. Facebook

It's perhaps ironic that people seem more willing to spend money on the fun stuff than things they're going to find actually useful - but then I'm as big an Angry Birds fan as the next bloke and can therefore confirm my purchase is probably in those figures somewhere.

iPad apps are also selling well; the top paid-for app on this platform was the more sober "Pages", Apple's word processing program, with BBC iPlayer the biggest mover in the free app market.

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