World's snappiest learner has L plates on Bentley

Most of us learn to drive in a crappy Nissan Micra or something, but a teenager in London has been seen getting out of the driver's side of a white Bentley Continental GT.

He's learning well too - he's already getting to grips with parking over two bays. He'll be a top notch Bentley driver some day...
The picture was taken at a parking area in Hans Place, close to Harrods in London's Knightsbridge area (of course).

In fairness to the driver, he may have just misjudged the bay and he isn't stopping the adjacent two from being used. Though that particular skill will probably come in time.

A standard Bentley Continental GT costs £135,000 and is powered by a 6.0-litre, twelve-cylinder engine with 567bhp. It hits 62mph in 4.6 seconds from zero.

That's quite a lot of power for a teenage learner to have, and offers quite the possibility of one terrified passenger.

It's a situation that also equates to a laughably high insurance premium.

We know this because we pretended we were a 17-year-old on a provisional licence who lives in Harrods and drives the very car you see above.

The annual price of insurance, courtesy of £7,867.59

You could buy a fleet of crappy Nissan Micras for that. Somebody should tell him...
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