We'll be checking mails at Christmas

Picture of Santa on an iPhoneIt may be the season to be jolly but many of us will be checking our emails as if it were any other working day according to research from OnePoll. As many as 46% of us will be checking over our incoming messages instead of watching the Queen, arguing with relatives or wondering when the hell Doctor Who started looking so much like a schoolboy.
Young people are the worst affected, although maybe not as young as the elf in our picture. 16-24s are more eager to check their devices while over-50s are a bit more laid back about it.

Generation gap

Another way of putting this might be that people who've never known a world without email will find going without it as odd as the rest of us might find being prohibited from using the phone for the day. It's just always been part of their world, abandoning it is going to seem an odd thing to do.

That said, the younger people said they would be annoyed if they had a work call over the Christmas break.

The company behind the survey was SecurEnvoy which found the result that it no doubt expected - annoyinly attached to our phones though we all seem to be at whatever the time of year, it seems very few of us have secured our phones in any way. People using their work phones from home might find they're compromising their workplace network's security.
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