VW Star Wars and Kia ads make YouTube top ten of 2011 (video)

Two car company videos have made YouTube's 2011 top ten list of most popular UK advertisements, with Volkswagen's awesome 'The Force' in at number four and Kia's cat on a trampoline thing for the Picanto in six.

Both adverts place ahead of the much-lauded John Lewis Christmas mush-fest. Neither, however, could compete with T-Mobile, whose ad jumped the royal wedding bandwagon for guaranteed hits. (The ad is actually brilliant though. See below.)
The Volkswagen bit, which sees a child trying to employ the force around the house while dressed up as Darth Vader, has registered over 44,000,000 hits on VW's official YouTube channel alone; even the 'making of' video has surpassed 3.5m viewers.

Kia's Picanto ad has enjoyed nowhere near the number of hits as Volkswagen's has overall, but is still YouTube's sixth most popular in the UK. That's because the list was concocted based on UK popularity, rather than worldwide, so the global viewing figures posted under each video are misrepresentative.

John Bache, digital marketing manager at Kia, said: "The Kia Picanto advert has achieved great cut through. We are now approaching four million video views of our uploaded videos for the year, confirming to us this is a great medium that consumers are willing to embrace."

Of the results, YouTube UK's Dara Nasr said that "advertisers are increasingly taking advantage of the social nature of online video by creating ads that are likely to be shared, liked and commented on." Amazing.

Every one of the top ten is below, in order, to save you clicking about the place...
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