Wallace and Gromit manual: A cracking Christmas gift

Wallace and Gromit
Ever since Wallace and Gromit hit our screens in 1989 with 'A Grand Day Out', the clay duo have kept us entertained with fun feature films, video games and more recently, a science show on the BBC.
Now, the second in a series of Haynes manuals has added another element to the franchise with 'Cracking Contraptions 2'.

The book is a wonderfully detailed list of Wallace's hair brained inventions, with cartoon cutaways and technical descriptions to match some glossy animated photos. The attention to detail really does make this book something special.

Any child with a creative streak or an interest in inventing will love it, and if truth be told, it's a great read for mums and dads too. Our favourite contraptions are the Austin A35 van which has been modified for anti-pesto rabbit response, and the fuel and drinks dispenser, which gives users a chance to have a refreshing cuppa while they fill up with unleaded. Petrol companies could well be missing a trick there.

The book costs £12.99 and is available from Haynes publishing.
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