Is it April? Ridiculous Rinspeed Dock+Go concept unveiled

Ah, Rinspeed. The Swiss company seems to own the copyright to automotive ridiculousness, and its latest concept is yet more proof.

Based on the Smart Fortwo, the Rinspeed Dock+Go concept is a "backpack on wheels," according to the company, which "turns the electric powered mini car into the dream of any pizza delivery driver." Finally.
It's a detachable, modular trailer for an electric vehicle, featuring an axle of its own so that when it's attached it turns the car into a six-wheeler. Someone's tried that before. Didn't work.

Rinspeed has chosen the Fortwo electric to demonstrate the concept, but says it can work with any electric car in principle. We hear Toyota likes to donate small cars for other companies to do idiotic things to as well.

The idea is that the owner only need attach the extra portion if it's needed. It can, reckons Rinspeed, be altered to fit specific needs: the roving handyman can have compartments fitted "with well-organised spaces for every tool," for example. That was the original slogan for the Smart Fortwo, as it happens.

It can even be separated into heated compartments, good for, delivery guys.

We're not told how it hooks itself onto the back of the car, but it rather cleverly doubles up as an "energy pack" for the vehicle it's linked to. If fitted with a small combustion engine or fuel cell, or packed with batteries, the Dock+Go hooks into the car's drivetrain to become an extra power source, providing range-anxious eco-conscious drivers with an ingenious mileage extender.

Furthermore, the rotating third axle becomes a generator to recharge the car's on-board battery. For that reason, Rinspeed calls cars equipped with the Dock+Go as "Vario-Hybrids". See, it's not just a stupid looking roof rack with wheels.

Assuming it's actually real (we're still not convinced), it will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Book your tickets, Domino's reps.
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