Android tops 10bn app downloads

Picture of the Android logoGoogle's Android phone operating system has consolidated its place as the top OS in the market with its 10 billionth app download from its marketplace. But is it comparable with the other markets directly - and is it safe?

A number of people are starting to doubt the company's policy of letting anyone set up any download through its phones.
The figure is undoubtedly impressive in its own right, and since it's happened this close to Christmas Google has decided to cut the price of some leading apps down to 10p for a short while. Everyone with an Android phone should welcome this.


The Android market, however, is very different from its main rival, the Apple App Store. For example, only Apple makes iPhones whereas Google's system is pushed by a number of manufacturers. It's no surprise that Google has become the more popular system.

It also has a much more laissez-faire attitude to apps. Apple demands that all apps are approved before going into the store, and it takes a hefty cut. Google is more inclined to let anybody at all put anything they want into the store - it has a philosophy of a completely open market.


This naturally means there's a bigger market and a bigger range of apps to choose from, but there are those who don't rate the apps highly. Worryingly this includes people who are concerned with more than just quality.

Among these is application security firm Veracode in the US. This has just published a report saying it found 40% of the apps in the Google marketplace to be insecure in that they were hard coded to make cryptographic keys redundant.
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