Stores slash price of champagne

Jacques Brinon/AP/PA

Consumers can toast Christmas on a budget this year as supermarkets slash the cost of champagne by up to 60%.

So what kind of deals are on offer for this celebratory Christmas tipple?

A price war has broken out in the supermarkets as battle commences to win our custom for bottles of Christmas fizz.

Wine expert Robert Joseph, told the Daily Mail: "The quality of the champagne on offer is not bad at all. Supermarkets reason that if they put on a good offer on champagne customers will come in to buy it and then also do the rest of their shopping in the store. Even if the store loses on the champagne, it should make a good profit overall."

Retail analysts said that drastic price cuts showed the desperation of stores to tempt customers through the doors, although tightened household budgets has specifically dented demand for champagne in recent years.

While the discounts appear generous, Mr Joseph warns that some stores artificially hiked up prices of champagne during rest of the year in order to put on half price offers around Christmas and Valentine's Day.

The deals on offer
  • Asda: £10 Pierre Darcys Champagne Brut NV, down from £23.98
  • Marks and Spencer: £15 Louis Chaurey, down from £30
  • Morrisons: £14.59 Piper Heidsieck Rose, down from £29.20
  • Sainsbury's: £14.99 Henry Dumanois Champagne Brut, down from £29.99
  • Tesco: £14.49 De Vallois Champagne Brut, down from £28.99
  • Waitrose: £14.99 Brut Heidsieck Heritage, down from £29.99
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