Autoblog 2011 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming fast, but are you still stuck for that perfect present for your car enthusiast? On the other hand, are you after some motor-related ideas for people to buy you?

Well, we here at Autoblog are here to help. These are 10 of our favourites for Christmas 2011, with prices ranging from £8.00 to £639.99.

Hugo Boss special edition Black Racing Watch
£495 Hugo Boss

This special edition watch has been made to celebrate Hugo Boss's 30th anniversary in motorsport. It has a distinctive black tyre print design rubber strap, whilst the three small chronograph dials almost look like magnetos that you'd find on a Formula 1 steering wheel.
Yours for £495 and only available from a select number of stockists, could this be the perfect watch for any car fan?

Forza Motorsport 4

With 80 manufacturers and recently launched exclusives such as the latest BMW M5, plus 22 tracks, each with multiple configurations, Forza Motorsport 4 has to be the key to digital motorsports happiness? Revel in the quality of the graphics and the realistic way the cars handle, which all go together to make a fantastic gaming experience. I also thought that the inclusion of the Top Gear test track was better integrated into Forza's game play than Gran Turismo.

1957 Ferrari automobile transporter

It's not often that a car transporter floats our boat, but this one really is something special. The 1:18 scale model costs an eye-watering £639.99, but it is one of the most detailed models you will ever set eyes on. CMC has recreated the Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti Ferrari racing team transporter with painstaking detail. Made up of 3,115 parts and measuring 50cm long, it is an exact replica, with mounted polished metal radiator bars, real leather seats, moveable sun visors and replicated leaf spring suspension and driveshaft. This model really has to be seen to be believed and is automotive art on another level.

Dress like Steve McQueen
From £29.99 to £199.99,

The ultimate king of cool Steve McQueen certainly knew how to dress. And now you can recreate his look with a collection of clothing to suit every budget, with some fantastic reproductions. My favourite is McQueen's 'shawl neck' cardigan that he wore on a famous road trip through California in his Ferrari 250 Lusso. Other items include a faithful copy of Lieutenant Frank Bullitt's Herringbone tweed jacket and his roll-neck jumper goes underneath to finish the look. There's even the Captain Hilts 'Great Escape' sweater complete with cut down sleeves.

Memories of Senna

The late, great racing driver who captured the heart of millions is portrayed in a new light in the book, Memories of Senna. Written by Christopher Hilton, more than 120 people who knew him, worked with him and competed against him give their anecdotes and insights about a man who will never be forgotten when asked the simple question: what is your strongest memory of Senna?

Dodo Juice Homebrew Wax Kit
Dodo Juice Homebrew Wax Kit

The words 'fun' and 'wax' aren't usually used in the same sentence. Yet Dodo Juice have managed to make an awesome kit that will bring a smile to any car enthusiast's face. Presented in a colourful metal tin, the homebrew premium wax kit comes with all the ingredients you need to make your own wax. This exciting present is great for detailers who want to add a personal touch to their car and get to know what goes into the products they are using. We're doing a full review of the wax kit soon to see what results we get.

Top Gear Triumph Herald Sailboat
Top Gear amphibious car challenge models
£19.99 each,

What better way to fill those stockings than with some Top Gear goodies? Some excellent models of the cars, used by the hapless trio to cross the channel quicker than the world record in their amphibious vehicles, are now available to buy. The 1:43 scale models are accurate replicas of Clarkson's 'Nissank', Hamster's 'Damper Van' and Captain Slow's Triumph Herald Sailboat.

Cars 2 DVD
Lightning McQueen, his pal Mater and friends are back to keep car lovers small and big entertained over the Christmas holidays. Much more than a sequel to its predecessor, I believe that Cars 2 is one of a small number of films that actually manages to improve on the original. The cars as characters seem more complex, yet are more detailed and cities such as London have been captured in a sophisticated way. Petrol heads young or old, there is much to like about Cars 2, as it's more than a film about fast cars.

Petrol Threads T-Shirts
From £15.00,

The perfect gift for the petrol head? If he or she loves cars, why not get a t-shirt with their favourite model on it? These Petrol Threads t-shirts not only look cool with their bright colours, but the designs feature iconic cars such as the Volkswagen Golf GTi MK2, Lancia Delta Integrale and Porsche 917 Le Mans racer.

1:36 scale Mega Bloks Need for speed buildable McLaren MP4-12C

The launch of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar was one of the motoring highlights of 2011, but if like me, you can't quite stretch to the £168,500 list price for the real thing, then I might have the answer! Okay, so it's supposed to be for 8 year olds and upwards, but this McLaren is buildable from Lego-like Mega Bloks. Considering the reasonable price, it looks like a nicely detailed model and there are even interchangable front and rear spoilers.

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