Video: Nissan Juke R supercar shopping trolley finally complete

Nine videos in and Nissan has finally finished the Juke R, the shopping trolley that's probably as quick as a Ferrari, but makes about as much sense as Ferrari making an affordable mini SUV.

This latest video shows the company putting the finishing touches on the car, with Nissan claiming that the 480bhp mini-monster is all at once a luxury car and "the fastest crossover vehicle in the world".
In the video, called 'Finishing Touches", Nissan's Jerry Harcastle (who can't even be bothered to stop playing Gran Turismo and look at the camera) says that the Juke R shows what an extreme Juke might look like, whatever that means.

Throughout the project, Nissan has tried to keep the Juke as standard as possible while stuffing the drivetrain and instrumentation from the GT-R into it. Just out of interest, how much does your mum's Juke look like the one above? Right.

Nissan has indulged in a ludicrously prolonged gestation for the Juke R, especially for a vanity project that will probably result in a body kit for the production car at best. Mind, you never know...

We have to say, though, that the finished product looks a whole lot better than the Photoshop original.

Every one of the videos is embedded below, for your convenience.

Now stop, Nissan, please.

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