Video: 100mph R/C car? Oh, go on then

When you were a child it's quite likely you had a radio or remote controlled car. If you didn't, you probably had a mate who did. Your car, though, wasn't a patch on the Traxxas Xo-1, because it didn't do 100mph.

Its name sounds like something Doctor Who would battle (probably did, actually), but as far as we're aware none of the Gallifreyan's nemeses could hit 60mph in 2.3 seconds.
So it's faster to 60mph than a Bugatti Veyron (tasty) and faster than a Smart ForTwo (impressive), but the all-electric monster comes at a price: £700. Well, it will when it's released later this year.

Like most high-end gizmos, the XO-1 will require an iPod Touch or iPhone to get it going at top whack. Connecting either device (with the pre-requisite app installed) will display the Traxxas' telemetry and unlock its three-figure terminal velocity.

R/C cars come with a minor, irritating feature though – no matter how big the space you're driving in it will find the nearest set of ankles and viciously attack them, like a yappy dog.

Usually they belonged to your mum or gran (they did in this author's case, anyway). Traxxas doesn't want that to happen with the XO-1, though, as it explains: "It must only be driven at its top speed on a closed course such as a racetrack or drag strip where there are safety barricades and pedestrian access controls.

"Operating the XO-1 in a careless, unsafe manner, without adequate care and preparation, can result in collisions with catastrophic consequences such as serious injury or death. Know your limits. Be honest with yourself about your true ability and be certain you have a location where you can safely run the model.

"The XO-1 contains LiPo batteries. LiPo batteries have a severe risk of fire and injury if they are improperly handled, abused, or misused."

It seems that knocking your mum's ankles with a 100mph R/C car won't just hurt, it'll remove her foot entirely.

Anyway, the video below shows the XO-1 doing its faster-that-a-speeding-Smart thing at the Texas Motor Speedway. If you're a mortal, the video should trigger some sort of Pavlovian 'MUST HAVE SHINY THING' response. If that happens, don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

We've got to applaud the camerawork as well – it must be pretty tricky to score a sliding rig shot on something half the size of an IKEA foot stool.

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