Drunk passengers fined £50k for grounding flight

Drunk passengers fined for grounding flightPA

Two drunk air passengers have been fined nearly £50,000 after they forced a Beijing-bound flight to be grounded in Vancouver.

Paul Wilson, 38, and George Campbell, 35, both Canadian citizens, became unruly after having too much to drink while on board an Air Canada flight from Ontario. They ignored instructions from cabin crew, who then struggled to restrain them, and the flight had to be diverted from its flight path.

The passengers were arrested in Vancouver. Both were charged and pled guilty to mischief for drunkenness and disobeying orders. They received suspended sentences and one-year probation, as well as fines of $71,757 (£46,000).

Speaking to CTV news, one passenger said the men were fighting with flight attendants, and that it took the efforts of the entire crew to finally handcuff them to the plane seats.

Another accused Air Canada of being irresponsible, claiming that airline staff either over-served them or permitted them to board when intoxicated.

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