Video: Subaru BRZ gets arty

Subaru BRZ

The Subaru/Toyota mash up has finally come to a head as both Subaru's BRZ and Toyota's GT 86 were finally revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show. Years of speculation, guess work and overuse of the phrase 'Toyobaru' have ended with mixed reactions across the media.

Subaru's effort, the BRZ, is a departure for the firm – it's a RWD naturally aspirated sports car; pretty far off the stereotypical Scoobies of old. It boasts a 197bhp, 151 lb ft 2.0-litre four-cylinder boxer engine and a 0-62mph time of around seven seconds. It won't blow your face off in the 'normal' way, but Subaru hopes that its 'fun' set up will appeal to buyers.To celebrate the BRZ's development from concept to man, Subaru has launched a video showing what it can really do.

Seeing the BRZ in action shows you a few details you may have missed in still images – have you noticed the two creases on the front of the bonnet before?

You'll also see the car pull off more than a few rather gentle drifts and reach a dizzying 98km/h. We're assured the finished product can reach 140mph, more than twice the advertised speed.

Before you settle down and tuck in to a 3:22 course of BRZ be warned that the soundtrack is a little, erm, suspect. Still, enjoy.

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