VW Cross Coupe concept is the Chelsea Tractor of tomorrow

VW has revealed its vision of the SUV of the future at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Cross Coupe plugs the hole between the Golf and the Tiguan (we didn't even realise there was a hole to plug) in terms of both concept and physical size.

The solid looking new vee-dub retains the 'family face' and rivals the Range Rover Evoque with its pillbox-style windows and chunkiness of Yorkie proportions; the Cross Coupe is bound to receive a hot reception from the WAGs of Cheshire and Surrey.
It's a hybrid too, so the middle-class mums can keep a clear conscience as they drop little Jonny off at school, safe in the knowledge they are being kind to the environment - if the Cross Coupe ever makes it to production, that is.

The latest offering from the German automotive giant is powered by a TSI direct injection turbo petrol unit, with two electric motors for a bit more surge when you bury your foot into the carpet.

In fact, the brace of motors will send 54bhp and 133lb ft to the front axle, and 114bhp and 199lb ft to the rear – a decent slug given the Cross Coupe has a 25-mile range on electric power alone.

With the petrol motor, the total combined power output is a healthy 261bhp. That'll see the Cross Coupe crack the dash from rest to 62mph in seven seconds.

The Cross Coupe's electric drivetrain wizardry is cleverly packaged too, with what VW is calling an 'electric driveshaft'. The rear axle is driven by the rear electric motor – nothing that innovative there. However, power is supplied to the rear electric motor by the one at the front, which is drawing power from the petrol engine rather than draining the batteries. Clever stuff.

This leaves a gap where a transfer box would usually be, which is used to house the battery, freeing up cabin or boot space that would otherwise be used for it.

The concept is based on VW's 'Modular Transverse Matrix' (MOB) chassis, which sets out the architecture for future vee-dubs too. We doubt that this factor will be the driving force behind potential punters begging VW to put it into production somehow, though.

The Evoque-rivalling looks however - we can see that being a major draw.
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