Can your Fiesta do this? Didn't think so...

It's not often you see a shopping car so sideways it's pretty much backwards. But that's exactly what holistic hooner Ken Block specialises in with his outrageous Gymkhana Fiesta.

Mr Block's latest video of his Gymkhana world tour is a veritable feast of sideways tyre smoking ridiculousness, with the usual barrels to doughnut around included.
There's also plenty of dirt bike jumping, leather glad girls and...a Segway. One of Block's favourite tricks is to doughnut around the two-wheeled electric scooter while the thing is piloted by one of his extremely trusting mates.

Block's outrageous Gymkhana motor started life as a US-spec Fiesta, before it was ruthlessly stripped out and turbocharged to within an inch of its life.

The end result? A Fiesta with an output of 850bhp. Block has had the little hatch de-tuned to a piffling 641bhp, however, in order for the automotive gymnast to hit the fat torque band needed to keep the car under control - that's 660lb ft from 4,000 rpm.

The Fiesta will do 0-60mph in a little over two seconds, thanks to the outrageous power output plus a race-spec four-wheel drive system and transmission. The handbrake will have to be pretty good given the amount of abuse it gets, too.

Check out the video to watch Block's balletic approach to what is basically mooching around a car park:

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