Profile of a Chancellor: who is George Osborne?

Chancellor George Osborne outside No 11Rebellion within the confines of the establishment is how Gideon Oliver 'George' Osborne has led his life. He changed his name to George from Gideon when he was 13 as 'a small act of was easier as George', he said in an interview. Then while studying at Oxford he infamously joined the Bullingdon Club so he could again indulge in louche behaviour but behind the protective shield of the 'old school tie'.Since 2001 he has been MP for Tatton but he has been a political strategist for the Conservatives most of his life. As the son of Sir Peter Osborne, heir to an Irish baronetcy and the wallpaper empire Osborne & Little, George didn't really have to bother with real work. He famously worked at Selfridges re-folding towels.

The Conservative cause

And today he runs the UK economy. He is not an economist. However he has worked tirelessly behind the scenes promoting the Conservative's cause since the early 1990s and has always been ambitious, for both the party and himself. His eye is always on the next prize and while opposition finance spokesman (at the tender age of 33), he battled with Gordon Brown and often won.
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He helped secure the leadership of David Cameron and championed the highly popular cut in inheritance tax in 2007, which put Labour on the back foot and stopped Brown from calling a snap election that the Tories would have inevitably lost.

His greatest challenge has always been to be the acceptable face of the Conservatives and to hold the Coalition together. Rightwing Tories blame him for losing the election after he co-ordinated the Tories political campaign, and saddling them with the Liberal Democrats. Osborne is reported to have admitted privately that placing the Big Society message at the centre of the campaign was a massive mistake.


European ties

In Europe he has spent months, if not years, cementing ties with the German and French governments and has been sensitive to the Euro crisis. But the UK's isolation in that debate has led to his eyes widening in every TV interview during the past month. As UK plc limps along like a child suffering rickets, he knows that another gust of wind from the Med can knock us of course for a generation.

Both he and Cameron cut their political teeth shortly after Margaret Thatcher was ousted from her iron throne, working with the Major administration and then the various Tory leaders. Osborne is understood to meet with former Chancellors Norman Lamont and Nigel Lawson regularly to stress test his ideas.

However Osborne is more in tune with Peter Mandelson in his behind the scenes political philosophy, stalking the corridors like a modern day Machiavelli. He needs to present a package of tax cuts and deregulatory initiatives to focus the minds of the electorate. He must also present his plan as robust.

The spotlight is never kind to him. Today he must show some backbone and statesmanship.

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Profile of a Chancellor: who is George Osborne?

One of the UK's favourite characters, this legend made his name in ensuring the equal distribution of wealth.

A formidable character but one that would be taken seriously on the world or even galactic stage. A man who could take down any adversary single-handedly.

Pictured: The desk used by Charles Dickens to write Great Expectations

A man with an eye on managing any unnecessary financial excesses would be a promising candidate for Chancellor, keeping the City in check and making sure taxes were just.

As the BRIC economies take centre stage, a Chancellor with an understanding of foreign financial markets is essential. Fogg's experience in this area is second to none and his adventurous spirit is likely to curry favour with the voters.

Everyone loves a bad boy, but this once hell raising playboy has nurtured his sense of justice and through stealth, he will keep the City in check.

Incredible attention to detail, unlikely to waiver in the face of public opinion and a very strong sense of justice, Salander is a wild card but nonetheless a worthy contender.


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