Honda gives production go-ahead for Mugen-tuned version of CR-Z

Honda CR-Z
Honda has given the green light for production to its Mugen-tuned CR-Z coupe.

By the time Honda's tweaked version of its environmentally friendly coupe reaches the UK in February next year it will cost £23,000. That means the Mugen CR-Z will undercut Toyota's GT 86 coupe by an estimated £5,000.
The Japanese tuner has a long-standing relationship with Honda after the company was founded by Soichiro Honda's son back in 1973. So, naturally, it was the only place the Japanese firm could turn to give its 'green' coupe a little bit of genetic modification.

Mugen are known for performing some pretty hard core makeovers on already sporty Hondas. Take the Mugen Civic Type-R – the stiff-ish standard suspension was replaced seemingly by solid struts, and the more than adequately potent motor was substituted with a brilliantly bonkers version of the VTEC unit that had one of the most raucous induction noises ever. It was a true Banzai machine.

So with the CR-Z, things aren't much different. The look-at-me burnt orange hue immediately grabs your attention as will the addition of a supercharger to the car's 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine.

The unit in the Mugen CR-Z now produces 200bhp and 158lb ft of torque, which should see the tweaked CR-Z crack the dash from rest to 62mph in 6.1 seconds according to Honda.

The Mugen CR-Z should have a significant straight line speed advantage over Toyota's similarly specced GT 86 coupe, due for launch next year, given Honda's bullish comments too.
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