Daredevil walks tightrope 3,000ft above Yosemite Park without safety gear

Daredevil walks tightrope 3,000ft above Yosemite Park without safety gearCaters

A man with nerves of steel, and seemingly no self-preservation instincts, walked a tightrope 3,000ft in the air of the Yosemite National Park in California - without a safety harness.

Mich Kemeter, 23, practiced the 25-metre long wire walk on the one inch-wide rope three times before attempting it without safety equipment.

The stunt, part of the craze of high-lining - tightrope walking at some of the world's most dangerous locations - was caught on camera by photographer Alexandre Buisse.

The 26-year-old admitted he was worried for Mich's safety, but told the Daily Mail: He was in control at all times and was ready to pull the plug at any moment if things didn't feel right.

'He made four crossings in total and chose to try one without the safety leash.

'Even with the safety leash, a fall would probably mean breaking an ankle, knee or hip, so even with it the stakes are very high.

'The decision to do it was in the balance until the very last moment. He was also waiting for a small crowd of tourists to wander off so he could completely focus.'

Mr Buisse added: 'As an adventure photographer it's not my job to judge what level of risk the athletes I shoot are willing to take. The only exception is if they are pushing themselves because of the presence of the camera but I didn't feel it was the case with Mich.'

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