Video: shock and horror as Indonesia's 'Golden Gate Bridge' collapses

Kutai Kertanegara bridge, Indonesia's 'Golden Gate Bridge' collapsesPA

Shocked tourists on Kumala Island, Indonesia, took this video of the country's 'Golden Gate Bridge' as it collapsed on Sunday, hurling dozens of vehicles into the river below. Scroll down for the video.

As the 720-metre long bridge over the Mahakam River gave way, witnesses reportedly saw a public bus, cars and motorcycles plunging into the water, which is up to 40m deep in some places.

More than 30 people are believed to be missing, and 11 are confirmed dead.

The Kutai Kertanegara bridge was built in 2002, modelled on the Golden Gate Bride in San Francisco.

The cause of the collapse is still not clear but a report in the Daily Telegraph said that a steel support cable snapped while workers tried to repair it. Watch the video below.

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