Video: Drag crash starts quickly... takes a long time to end

Crashes are horrible. But if you're going to take part in motorsport they do happen. Rather too often this year, admittedly.

One of the latest, and longest, to take place is Eric Peterson's drag smash. After losing control of his Firebird drag special, he took over two minutes to finish crashing - quite a feat when you think about it.
After losing control, spinning over the strip and hitting a wall, Peterson's driver's side tyres were ripped off. Usually this wouldn't be a problem - the driver would stop the car and run away like a sensible person.

However, Peterson was knocked out during the impact, while the car's master cylinder was knocked off the firewall - the master cylinder was attached to the throttle cable, which meant the throttle was stuck open and propelled the car to the right while doing what can only be described as an epic burnout. Peterson wasn't conscious to see his handy work.

There's also the issue of the engine 'going a bit on fire', which isn't ideal when the driver is spark out at the wheel...

Thankfully Peterson was unharmed. After being cut from the car he regained consciousness, and probably though 'oh God, how am I going to tell the wife?'

Perhaps he can turn his car into a coffee table now?

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