Charity F1 auction can literally put you in Vettel's shoes

Formula One fantasists will soon be given the opportunity to enjoy vicarious living of the closest kind, thanks to a Bonhams charity auction on Thursday (1 December).

The famous auctioneers will be flogging off a load of Red Bull Formula One team memorabilia, including a pair of Sebastian Vettel's racing gloves - both right hand, significant because Vettel points his right index finger to the sky when crossing the finish line first. Which happens a lot.
Also gathered from Vettel's changing shed floor for sale is a pair of his driving boots (pictured below); a pair of used (sweat-soaked) fireproof undergarments; and the watch he wore on the podium of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Team-mate Mark Webber has chipped in with some stuff, too, including his F1 car windshield, some Prada shades, and the helmet he wore for the Brazilian GP. Both drivers have donated full race suits.

The Red bull team has also put up the umbrella that Vettel sheltered under during the Canadian GP rain shenanigans.

All the money raised from the auction is going to Wings For Life, a spinal chord research charity, with the items estimated to fetch prices between £100 and £5,000.

The racing suit worn by Vettel at the European GP is expected to be the priciest item, while Webber's shades the most affordable. Even Webber's suit will go for around a third of Vettel's near identical one.

If you fancy bidding – it's all canny stocking filler fodder if you ask us – the auction will be held Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, although online and phone bids will be taken.
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