Woman with terminal cancer charged hotel cancellation fee

Woman with terminal cancer charged hotel cancellation feeStock photo, Blackpool: PA

A British woman dying of cancer has been caused 'undue stress' after a hotel in Blackpool hit her with a cancellation fee of £220 when she became too ill to visit.

Angie Stephen, 43, booked a room at the Cliffs Hotel for a final holiday with her son Connor and some friends.

But, five days before the trip, Ms Stephen was hospitalised. Friends cancelled the booking, but the accommodation's owners, Choice Hotels Ltd, were insistent she had to cancel it herself.

Ms Stephen was too ill to make the call until it was too late to get a full refund, as the cancellation had to be made 72 hours before arrival.

Despite being told of her sickness, the company refused to give a refund and instead offered a discount for a future booking.

But, as Ms Stephen does not expect to live past Christmas, she will not be able to plan another trip.

According to news.com.au, a spokesman for Choice Hotels has defended the decision, saying: 'We are just sticking to our policy with our terms and conditions.'

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