Helmut Marko: Setup right for any weather

Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko is delighted by Sebastian Vettel's pole record. He told Autoblog UK that the team is ready for any weather.

Sebastian has done it; the pole record now belongs to him alone. Were you expecting that?
Helmut Marko: We knew that we were fast. There was a bit of a gap to McLaren on Friday, but we rolled up our sleeves and fine-tuned our car. However, we weren't working towards the optimum for dry conditions. All the forecasts are for rain, so we have chosen a compromise setup that will put us in good shape if it's wet tomorrow.
To end up monopolising the front row once again must be very satisfying...
Helmut Marko: Yes, we haven't managed to that very often this year, so that makes it doubly agreeable. Mark was sensational in qualifying; his third sector in particular was incredibly good. The whole team is performing at a similar level, which is important for next year, because we intend to show that we'll keep going and not just rest on our laurels.

It's highly likely that it will rain tomorrow, so do you think that will make it a bit of a lottery?
Helmut Marko: It would indeed be more straightforward in the dry and we could plan things better. But when it rains, it's the same for everyone, though there is bound to be a reshuffling of the pack. If the rain is heavy, I believe this could favour Alonso.
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