Volvo feels what JLS is feeling and donates cars to latest music video

When you think of Volvo, do you think of pop sensations JLS? No... us neither. Still, Volvo has teamed up with the heartthrobs in the group's latest video.

The video for their next single, Do You Feel What I Feel, will feature three Volvo products: a C30, an S60 and an XC60. Incidentally, all three of those have appeared in tween-favourite Twilight. Is Volvo trying to appeal to a really young audience with these placements? Is pester power that good?
All three cars came in R-Design trim, which adds some sporty styling but no extra power to go with it.

JLS commented (in unison, hopefully): "We're really excited to have Volvo partner with us on our latest video for 'Do You Feel What I Feel?'. The cars were swagged out, especially the white XC60. Its siiick!" They honestly said that.

Duncan Forrester, Volvo's Head of Public Affairs, had this to say: "I'm really pleased that JLS have chosen Volvo as their first car partner and it follows in the footsteps of work we've previously done with Hard Rock Calling, Snowbombing, V Festival, T in the Park and Wireless, as well as supplying cars to acts such as Dizzee Rascal and Professor Green."

JLS is the first X Factor band to release three albums, even though they were runners up in the competition in 2008. We bet you can't remember who won that year. We doubt JLS can, either.

Their second CD, Outta This World, sold over 600,000 copies and went double platinum. The latest, Jukebox, is looking to be a hit.

The Volvo-tastic video went live on Volvo's Facebook page today, so click on over and have a look.

And if you're wondering what 'swagged out' means, we had a look for you:

"One (either a male or a female with a very edgy, and unique name) who is covered in head to toe Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Prada at all times. They wear expensive designer shoes and sunglasses. They are world-travelled and have friends in every country. They always know what is up. They tend to be very wealthy as their family has a lot of money. They are usually decked out in diamonds, and set off metal detectors with their swag. Sometimes one who is so swagged out may have difficulty falling asleep at night because they have forgotten to turn their swag off. It is truly a blessing to be swagged out, and one should never take it for granted."

(Thanks, Urban Dictionary)

There. The XC60 was covered in diamonds.
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