Video: This man has a tattoo of James May's face on his leg

Some say Top Gear is the face of the BBC worldwide, such is the scope of its popularity. That's why it has the budget to allow its presenters to merrily engage in all that cross-continental destruction.

It makes for polarising viewing, for as many people love Top Gear, an equal number seem to despise it. Especially the curly haired one.
Nobody seems to have a problem with James May, though. But does anyone love him enough to get a tattoo of his face drawn on them?

The answer is yes. This man does. Enough for two tattoos, no less. Not satisfied with having a tattoo of a Lego James May on his arm, he's had a portrait of the man inked onto his thigh. Okay.

Skip to 1:40 to get straight to the point. It's all a bit Jed Maxwell.

We think this is the new Stig, by the way. It's obvious when you think about it.

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