Tri-Turbo diesel BMW 5-series is coming. Very quickly, we imagine.

BMW 5-series

BMW's new 5-series is set to be the first of the German brand's cars to get a very interesting tri-turbo diesel engine.

The 550dx ('x' indicating that it has four-wheel-drive capabilities) will pack 376bhp and 516lb ft of torque. That frankly epic torque figure is thanks to not one, not two but three turbos.
As well as using two traditional, exhaust-driven turbos, the 550dx will use a small electrically-powered turbo to eliminate lag.

Putting such a large amount of torque down on the road (and using it effectively) is no mean feat, so BMW is offering the 550dx with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and only in four-wheel-drive. No theatrical diesel powerslides here.

Seeing as it comes with 70bhp and 74lb ft more than the Bavarian firm's previous hyper-diesel, the 535d, its performance figures aren't going to be a surprise... 62mph comes in around 5.0-seconds while its top speed is limited to 155mph. Even with those blistering figures, combined fuel consumption is said to hit the mid-forties while CO2 emissions will be around 165g/km.

M-fans will be pleased to know there is an M550dx in the works – it's not a proper M car, but will feature a few cosmetic tweaks and some chassis modifications.
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