RaptorGTR: it's not quite the supercar it seems

Remember the RaptorGTR, the Mosler supercar I revealed earlier this week which was being launched via a selection of videos?

Well, it turns out there's more to this story than the dodgy single by Abby Cubey.I thought originally that this 838bhp Veyron-baiter was made by Mosler, but the truth isn't quite as simple as that. Turns out, this isn't an all-new model after all, instead it's a heavily modified Mosler MT900S, built by a company called Supercar Engineering.

Run by ex-Mosler engineer J. Todd Wagner, he claimed to have a distribution agreement with Mosler. This has since also proved to be false, as Warren Mosler told Jalopnik: "he goes around claiming he has a distributorship agreement, but he's a distributor of nothing because we're not producing a car."

As an aside to the story, the American supercar manufacturer is still run by Wagner's ex-wife, with reports suggesting that his leaving the company stopped him from any further involvement in it. Another rumour is that Wagner is romantically linked with Cubey.

Either way, for what was an alternative way of selling a supercar, it's all ended quite badly.
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