Video: J-Lo takes Fiat 500 on stage at the American Music Awards

J-Lo and Fiat 500

As the Fiat 500 is slowly rolling out over the US, the Italian firm will seemingly go to any lengths to ensure the American populace knows about it. This extends to getting Jennifer Lopez to drive one onto the stage at the American music awards.

Fiat has signed the singer to show the world just how versatile, fresh, young and brilliant the car (by association) is.Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat, commented: "The Fiat brand is honoured to share the stage with Jennifer Lopez at the 2011 American Music Awards. Her drive and determination is the common thread that is shared with the brand and our philosophy of Life is Best When Driven".

As well as driving the bite-sized car on stage at the AMAs, Lopez can be seen driving a 500C in the music video for new single, Papi. She'll also appear in two adverts...

One of which sees her driving through the Bronx, where she hails from, reflecting on her upbringing. Except she was never actually in the Bronx. According to the Daily Mail her scenes were filmed in LA while a body double filmed external scenes last summer. Is Jenny from the Block afraid to go back? Why didn't she want to go and have a look at her old manor?

The offending commercial is below.

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