SEAT Cupra diesel and SUV coming "from VW sweet shop"

An executive at SEAT has revealed the firm's future plans in candid detail at a press event to launch the new Mii city car.

On the future of the company's Cupra brand of flagship hot hatches, SEAT Chairman James Muir suggested that in future it will feature more than one engine...including a diesel.
He also, surprisingly, hinted at a possible compressed natural gas Cupra hot hatch. The fuel's 24 percent lower CO2 emissions and higher specific output per litre make it ideal. However, lack of a fuel infrastructure is a prohibitive issue.

Muir also explained that a SEAT SUV is on the way. He said: "We're going to build one, but I've only been here a couple of years, so give me a chance!"

It seems a rival to the Skoda Yeti is on the cards.

Commenting on the relationship between SEAT and its masters at Volkswagen, Muir referred to VW as "a giant sweetie shop" for the brand.

When asked about the SEAT range, he suggested that the Ibiza is the company's most successful car, and that while other segments have been filled by the company, "they just don't hit the bulls eye, do they?".
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