This year's must-have coffee table is...a wrecked Ferrari

Crashed Ferrari table
The last time you or any of your friends pranged a Ferrari beyond repair, didn't you think it was a shame to let all that precious metal go to waste? Well be disappointed no more, because someone's figured out a brilliant way of restoring your wrecked supercar's dignity: make a slightly harrowing coffee table out of the wreckage.

That's what French artist Charly Molinelli has done. We don't know exactly how much it cost (you're not supposed to ask, apparently), but rumour has it a circa-£10,000 cheque was requested.
Time was when a refurbished Formula One alloy wheel or oil barrel was the ultimate front room accessory, but no more.

The inspiration for this slightly macabre piece of furniture came when a wealthy client asked Molinelli to make something "a bit special" for his living room.

Covering a dead child's skull in diamonds is so last winter, though, so Molinelli looked for a Ferrari that had "been crashed hard enough for it to be completely written off," and stuffed a section of it into a custom-built case.

Believe it or not, the wreckage had to be approved by the customer before work could begin, because in the world of rip-off high art furniture, even a crushed car has to meet certain beauty parameters.

The wood used to build the table is also second hand, so that the piece could "stay with the concept of recycling," according to Molinelli.

It's almost as though the concepts of recycling and eco-friendliness have become high-value marketing tools, providing a lucrative ideological doorway through which opportunistic companies and individuals can syphon money from gullible people with deep pockets and a desire to be accepted by ostentatiously getting behind the issue of the moment. Almost.

Here's some lovely credibility-enhancing professional photography of the thing:

Crashed Ferrari table
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This year's must-have coffee table is...a wrecked Ferrari
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