Battery powered car tracker could keep more classics safe

Stolen Mercedes W123
A continual worry for classic car owners is the possibility that their pride and joy could be stolen.

Almost all classic cars are relatively easy to steal. Without modern technology such as immobilisers, electronic keys and anti-tow systems, it's no secret that a simple coat hanger or screwdriver is often the only tool between a thief and your classic.
But a new tracker system that runs on battery power could well be the solution for classic car owners looking for the next step in vehicle security whilst still maintaining originality.

Many owners have of course resorted to fitting expensive aftermarket alarm and immobiliser systems in their classic cars. These can provide reassurance, but if you are looking to preserve originality, fitting an alarm system will often mean having to splice the loom and cut holes in the dashboard to fit it.

This device, designed by vehicle recovery service TRACKER, does not need to be wired into the car's electrical system, nor does not run down the car's battery if it stands for a long while, and TRACKER claims that the battery it uses lasts five years.

The tracker is self-contained, so that it can be stored in more innocuous areas of the car, giving enthusiasts the option to keep their engine bays unmodified and their fuse boxes tidy.

TRACKER has recovered £450 million worth of cars since 1993, so while this new device will not necessarily lower classic car thefts, it could well see owners breathe a sigh of relief when their pride and joy is found.

The tracker costs £249 including fitting, and is available here.
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