Shakespeare tops 'proud to be British' list

Playwright William Shakespeare has topped a list of the things that make people proud to be British, beating the Queen, the pound and even the NHS.

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The survey was commissioned by think tank Demos and asked people whether they agreed or disagreed with a series of statements.

The highest scoring one was "I am proud of William Shakespeare as a symbol of Britain", which notched up 75 per cent agreement.

However "I am proud of Parliament as a symbol of Britain" only had 47 per cent support.

Other high scorers were the National Trust and the armed forces (both on 72 per cent), the Union Jack (71 per cent), the pound (70 per cent) and the NHS (69 per cent).

The monarchy scored 68 per cent and the BBC had 63 per cent approval, while The Beatles had just 55 per cent.

And the poll also found that Muslims were the most likely group to be proud of being British, with 83 per cent saying so against a national average of 79 per cent.

There were no ratings available for George Osborne, John Terry or TOWIE unfortunately.

What makes you proud to be British? What makes you ashamed? Comment below...