Car vandals cause £1bn of damage

man holding punctured car tyreVandals have caused nearly £1bn worth of damage to British cars in the past year according to figures from insurer LV=.

More than half of all car owners (54%) have seen their car damaged by yobbos with a quarter (25%) having their car defaced twice. A staggering one in ten (10%) has seen their car vandalised three or four times. It's a disgrace.
And watch where you park your car, because there are vandalism hot spots. The ten worst places for the vehicle vandals are
  1. Enfield
  2. South East London
  3. Bournemouth
  4. North West London
  5. Brighton
  6. Southall
  7. Romford
  8. Southend on Sea
  9. Rochester
  10. Edinburgh

LV= (it's silly name comes from Liverpool Victoria) reckons there has been £953m worth of damage in the past year to British cars. In the past 12 months alone, one in 10 (10%) drivers has had their car vandalised and had to pay out an average of £260 to put the damage right.

Most common vandalism

The most common type of vandalism is 'keying' (33%) where the car is scratched with a key, followed by smashed windows (26%), smashed mirrors (22%), bent antennas (11%) and slashed tyres (10%). One in twelve (8%) of victims has had their windscreen smashed, 7% have had the badge stolen and 3% have even had graffiti sprayed onto their vehicle.

Convertible cars are twice as likely to get vandalised than other types of cars, with nearly a quarter (24%) of convertible car owners on the receiving end of vandalism or theft, with malicious damage to the body of the car and 'keying' being the most commonly reported types of vandalism.

The majority of car vandals strike at dusk or after dark, with 66% of victims having discovered that damage had been caused during this time.

Nowhere is safe

Residential streets proved no deterrent, as six in ten (57%) cars were damaged while parked outside their owner's home or even on the driveway - this compares to just 7% of victims who were targeted in a city centre.

Among all those who have had their car attacked, nearly one in five (17%) said that other cars on the street were also targeted at the same time.

Call the police?

Despite many drivers (44%) saying they think car vandalism is increasing, the official records are unlikely to show the full picture, as motorists shy away from reporting the crime to the police. Nearly half (48%) of victims said they did not report the incident, despite one in eight (12%) saying they believed they knew the perpetrator.

When questioned as to why they did not report the crime, over half (57%) said because they did not feel there was enough evidence to bring the vandal to justice and 41% felt it was not worth making a fuss about.

Yet 56% of all drivers saying they worry their car will be targeted. Close to one in five (19%) drivers would not even consider buying a prestige car now for fear of it being vandalised.

What are the police doing about it, I say. Why aren't these vandals being locked up?
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