Brit travel chaos as fog causes 74 London flight cancellations

Brit travel chaos as fog causes 74 London flight cancellationsPA

British holidaymakers face travel misery today as fog caused the cancellation of at least 70 London airport flights.

Heathrow was forced to cancel 64 flights due to the foggy conditions, with destinations including Manchester, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Cologne and Nice being affected.

Ten flights from London City Airport were also cancelled, with Dublin, Rotterdam and Paris destinations facing delays.

One flight scheduled to depart this morning from Leeds Bradford Airport to Amsterdam was also axed, because the Dutch capital has also been affected by fog.

A spokeswoman for Heathrow told Sky News: 'Passengers are being re-booked or put up in accommodation by airlines, while some domestic passengers are being taken in coaches to their destination.

'Some delays to flights are also occurring so we advise passengers to check with their airlines before travelling.'

The flight cancellations and delays began on Sunday, with Heathrow having to cancel 146 flights.

A spokesman told the Express: 'Heathrow experienced heavy fog on Sunday and overnight. Today we are aware of 40 inbound and 24 outbound flights that have been cancelled.'

And, according to the Daily Mail, London City Airport said 44 flights were suspended yesterday and dozens delayed or diverted due to the bad weather conditions, though all restrictions had been lifted by late last night.

There were also severe delays at Gatwick, but officials said there were only a few cancellations.

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