A quarter of drivers want cyclists to pay road tax

It's one of the age-old conflicts on the road: the fight between angry cyclists and motorists. Every morning commute seeming to bring more accidents, abuse and briused ankles.

A study by Confused.com, has found that motorists have had enough of two-wheeled trekkers, with 25% of drivers stating that they are keen to see cyclists pay road tax.

A further 14% want bicycles to have number plates displayed and nearly half of respondents (44%) want cyclists to pass an equivalent version of the driving test before they can ride on the road.

The insurance website has also launched a new map, where drivers and cyclists can log dangerous driving and road rage blackspots in their local area. The map can be shared via Twitter or Facebook and already has a number of entries detailing near collisions.

Social media is already becoming popular for seething individuals to vent their frustration, with 2,674 tweets mentioning 'road rage' and 'cyclist' during the first nine months of this year.

Gareth Kloet, Head of car insurance at Confused.com said: "Whilst both parties can point at differing solutions to help improve road safety, we urge all road users to exercise respect and courtesy as the roads are for everyone and tolerance could save people's lives."

Tell us what you think. Should cyclists pay road tax? How could it be policed?
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