Lost your portfolio? Read our guide

marketsDoes your portfolio look different today? By now, you may have noticed a new look investing experience on AOL Money. Some of you, on the other hand, may only be seeing what you already know -- and some may be fearing that the worst has happened, and you've lost your data.

Confused? Then have no fear! We are currently finalising the transition of your old portfolio to the new. Your data is safe. This guide will equip you to make the most of our new investing offering.

Where has my portfolio gone?

In the past month, we have been tranferring users of the DailyFinance.com investing platform (finance.aol.com/ukw/) and as of today, the finance.aol.co.uk audience, onto a new experience, which includes a completely revamped quotes and portfolio page, bristling with new features.

2007: Finance.aol.co.uk

November 2011: The Money.aol.co.uk pages, in partnership with the Motley Fool.

To find or create your porfolio here, go to: www.money.aol.co.uk/portfolios

What's happened to the markets homepage?
Don't worry -- the most trafficked page on the channel remains alive and well:

You can find it under the Investing tab in the navigation, or by clicking here.

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