Has your Kindle been ruined by an airport scanner?

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Has your Kindle been ruined by and airport scanner?
Has your Kindle been ruined by and airport scanner?


A report in today's Daily Telegraph warns that travellers who take their Amazon Kindles through airport security X-ray scanners could face having their devices damaged.

The report lists complaints by a number of users who say that their e-books stopped working after going through the scanners.

But according to the report, Amazon has denied X-ray machines were a threat to the Kindle.

"Exposing your Kindle to an X-ray machine, such as those used by airport security, should not cause any problems with it," a spokesman for the internet giant said.

"Many Kindle users travel by air, and their Kindles are screened by airport security every day without issue."

The report says that according to users, the firm has replaced Kindles that stopped working after passing through an airport scanner.

Has your Kindle been affected by airport scanners? Tell us your story below.