Video: BMW 1M Coupé Vs 46-litre Brutus

In his Christmas DVD, Powered Up, we can safely expect Jeremy 'POWER' Clarkson to do some pretty ridiculous things.

In previous DVDs he's made entry-level hatchbacks sound like V8 muscle cars, he's evaded the police in an Ariel Atom, he even tried to ride a motorcycle. This time he's put on a drag race of truly bizarre proportions.He's pitted coupé-of-the-moment, BMW's 1M, up against the 1908-chassis'd, 46-litre aeroplane engine'd Brutus.

It's big, black and mean. We can't imagine it'll do much to the gallon (having an old plane engine in there n' all) and it doesn't look like the smoothest handling of vehicles. Still, with 46-litres of muscle up front the BMW with its paltry three litres doesn't stand a chance, right?

Watch on and find out...

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