Top Ten technology this year

LegoThe Sunday Times is poised to release its list of top 10 gadgets which were released this year, and the reigning champion is a little thing you may never have heard of.

The Elgato EyeTV mobile allows you to view TV on an iPad with no Internet connection. It's still going to depend on the strength of the signal coming to it so we'll reserve judgement for the moment.
The other items in the list were:
  • Zeal optics transcend GPS goggles: So you get your satnav images overlaid onto your goggles through augmented reality, like the ones that work through smartphones and put directions for free WiFi onto the screen. I have mixed feelings on this one - anything that interferes with my sight while I'm driving sounds bad, but is it worse than looking down at a separate unit

  • Light Strike: Assault rifle substitute, great for war games. At the risk of playing the stereotypes game you could imagine the people doing the survey didn't trouble themselves to ask many women about these gadgets.

  • Pure One Classic Series II: Portable DAB radio. These radios are still too expensive but the sound is good - we'll see how it all pans out when the market's decided whether it actually wants DAB.

  • JP Twister 2 4G Police Helicam: Remote control helicopter, much loved by all remote control helicopter fans. If you're only going to buy one replica police helicopter you can operate by remote control, this is probably the one to go for (see above comments on how many women answered the questions).

  • Virgin Media TiVo: Box that offers a load of box-set type TV, sits under the telly like any PVR but also predicts what you might want to watch based on previous viewing patterns and records it for you. A serious competitor for Sky.

  • Lego Technic Unimog U400S: Hugely complicated lego set which ends up looking more like a Mecchano set or something even more complicated. And at £145, so it flaming well should.

  • Arcade Nano Sonic: A small drive with lots of old arcade games on it. We're talking more crisis ridden than the most ardent of mid-lifers here.

  • Gear4 Angry Birds speakers: Well, yes, of course we all want Angry Birds items, who wouldn't? But are the speakers any good, Gear4, can you answer me that? Huh? Will they give me excellent sound reproduction like these dull white things currently attached to my computer - which look boring as anything but actually sound good? Will they?

  • Street Surfing Wave 360: Surfboard you use to get around the streets. I am not making this up.

Oddly no mention of the iPad 2, countless Android phones, 3D or Internet-connected TVs, all of which I'd have mentioned as particularly good widgets to emerge from the manufacturers during 2011. But what do I know...
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