MoD blow equipment funds on consultants

Ministry of Defence bronze plaqueThere are many politicians who are totally clueless about business, but you would expect more from the experienced civil servants who run the Ministry of Defence.

So news that they've spent £600 million on outside consultants, when that money should have gone on equipment, in the last two years alone, is both shocking for the taxpayer and depressing for some poor squaddie stuck down a dusty hole in Helmand Province.
What's worse, is that this expenditure is actually in breach of government guidelines.

Clearly, when it's the taxpayers' cash, you can basically do what you like. Imagine if you ran a small business like this!

Because when things are tight one of the first areas you look at are those tasks that you outsource. Suddenly they seem a bit of a luxury and if there's any way you can bring them in-house you do, even if that means a bit more work for someone.

And if you haven't anyone in-house who can do it, you have to ask yourself whether you are hiring the right people or getting value for money from those you employ. If not, you need to do something about it. It's tough but it's true.

Meanwhile, the MoD clearly has no such self-examination. If they don't have the ability to perform a task they just blow a load of cash on paying a nice fat contract to an outsider to do the job for them. You'd think they'd be at the cutting edge of military developments, strategy and procurement but it seems that as soon as any real thinking is required they simply pay a consultant to do it for them.

With £600m now paid to 380 consultants for technical support by the MoD you have to ask what the penpushers in Whitehall actually do?

Because anyone can sign a cheque.
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