LA Auto Show video: West Coast Customs make life size Mario Kart

Life-size Mario Kart

We reported last week that Nintendo had teamed up with Pimp My Ride's West Coast Customs to create a special vehicle for the LA Auto Show.

It turns out that WCC don't only make one, but two life-size karts from the upcoming Mario Kart 7 (for 3DS).
Nintendo commissioned the crazy car modders to make exact replicas of Mario's iconic kart and his brother Luigi's bumblebee car from the game. They're designed to fit real people but sadly don't actually drive. Think of them as Mario Kart Concepts, perhaps.

What's really cool about the karts is that Nintendo is going to be giving them away to two lucky Gamestop (a US video game chain) customers when the game drops.

Nintendo head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime is rather proud of his creations. Giving a nod to the karts' capabilities in the game, he commented: "These are the only cars at the LA Auto Show designed to work in both the air and water."

Now... if the two winners don't find a way to pop an actual kart engine on their prizes they're officially dead inside. Can you imagine how awesome a proper, working Mario kart would be?

Mario Kart 7 will hit UK soil on 2nd December for 3DS. Expect lots of fun, mushrooms, sub-aqua racing and a spot of flight. The trailer and a quick vid of the karts from the show floor are below.

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