FSO Polonez an unlikely Polish tuning hero?

FSO Polonez

Remember the Stratopolonez from earlier on this year? Well, it's a car I've been trying to forget too, just because of its Frankenstein weirdness.

Well, I've found another seriously modified FSO Polonez, a car generally considered to be worst than the Lada Rivas of the time. In fact it was so bad, that UK imports of the updated Caro ceased in 1997.
However, the Polonez's reputation and the fact that it was once described by Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson as "the worst car in the world to actually drive", hasn't put off Polish Max Power modders, as we can see from the video below.

On top of the less than subtle bodykit and paint job, this Polonez saloon is no longer powered by the standard 1.3-litre engine. Instead, it has been replaced by a biturbo'd 2.9-litre V6 from a Ford Granada/Scorpio.

Check out the video of this unusual car on the rollers; apologies for the wayward camera work and make sure you turn the sound down as it's quite noisy.

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