Video: What Top Gear Live has in store for London

Top Gear Live hit Birmingham last week and caused quite a stir. The TG trio's live action antics saw all manner of stunts go down in front of thousands of very pleased show goers.

On November 24th the show is heading to London's Excel Centre, and to entice anyone who hasn't already bought tickets they've released a video of what you'll miss if you don't take the plunge.You'll see a whole heap of stunts, cars and a touch of fire billowing from the back of a Subaru Impreza. The show won't only feature the Top Gear boys, but a number of stars in the telly show's reasonably priced car, too. Our highlight? A man leaping over a moving Lamborghini. You've got to have some pretty big stones to pull that one off.

Anyway, enjoy the video and, if it's made you want to see it for yourself, head to the Top Gear Live website to get yourself some tickets.

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