Best Christmas bargains 'in Boston'

Macy's in New YorkBargain-hunting Britons should head for Boston and the Big Apple for the best Christmas offers, according to a shopping guide by Post Office Travel Money.

Prices for 10 typical Christmas gifts are 49% cheaper in Boston, USA, than in London.
Prices in New York and Las Vegas also offer better value for money than London, with some items 62% cheaper stateside than in the UK.

Including such items as an Apple iPod Nano, Ray-Ban sunglasses and women's jeans, the 10 items surveyed cost just £664 in Boston compared with £1,296 in London, £716 in New York and £710 in Las Vegas.

But some men's jeans and perfumes were more expensive in New York than in London.

Post Office Travel Money head Sarah Munro said: "When it comes to a battle for the best bargains, Boston wins out because sales tax is lower than in New York and clothing that costs under 175 dollars (about £113) is exempt. What's more, Boston package prices are cheaper than New York and the city has shops to match the Big Apple.

"Prices in the USA are so much lower than in London that two people could pool their duty free allowances of £390 and have more than enough to buy all 10 items in Boston, New York or Las Vegas."
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