Couple spends £2k on flying dog found on Caribbean holiday to Britain

Puppy love: Couple spend £2000 flying dog they found on Caribbean holiday to BritainSWNS

One British couple had a serious case of puppy love after meeting a stray dog on the beach while enjoying a luxury holiday in the Caribbean.

In fact, they were so head over heels, they eventually paid £2,000 on treatments for the pooch - and a ticket to get her back to Britain.

Paul Booth, 43, and wife Lorraine, 36, who own retro sweet shop Fizzy Lips in Bristol, met the black Labrador cross while staying in a beach hut at the upmarket Cocobay resort in Antigua in January this year.

Paul stumbled across her scavenging for food near wasteland on a morning run at the beginning of the holiday.

He stopped and stroked her, noticing she was malnourished and was suffering with mange.

The dog, who the couple called Weber, followed him back to their beach hut, where they befriended her and started feeding her.

Mrs Booth told the Daily Mail: 'We were there two weeks and we went to see her every day.

'She would come to see us and sit outside our hut to wait for us, and she had such a lovely personality.

'She was so thin and slept on the beach with no food, water or companions, either canine or human. It was very sad.'

The couple believed she wouldn't survive for long so, before they left for home, they contacted the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society and persuaded the owner, Karen Corbin, to take the dog in, leaving money for her to be looked after.

But, when they returned home, they faced the sad news that one of their other two dogs had a fatal cancerous tumour.

They decided they couldn't just be left wondering what would happen to Weber, so they persuaded Karen to let them apply to bring her home, after which she was put in quarantine at the Humane Society in Antigua for six months.

And, after paying hundreds of pounds for Weber to be cleaned up and have jabs, they also splashed out on a £1,000 ticket to get her to Gatwick.

Upon arrival at the airport, Weber 'bounded into their arms', and is now happily settled into her new Bristol home, making best friends with the Booths' other dog, six-year-old Labrador Cosmo.

Mrs Booth said that after a 'timid' start, she's 'racing around everywhere' and 'absolutely loves' her trips to the park, adding: 'We could not be happier'.

And we bet Weber couldn't, either.

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