Wife prompts man to ditch awesome Peugeot space flight prize

Millions of men have felt the abject disappointment of being told by the wife that no, they can't go to the bingo tonight.

So imagine the feeling when the wife says no, you can't do that once-in-a-lifetime flight into space that you won in a car manufacturer contest. Facepalm.
That's what happened to Hywell Rigby from Surrey, whose predicament probably also had Peugeot's entire public relations team holding their faces in their hands, too. All that lovely PR quite literally grounded.

In fairness to Mrs Rigby, she didn't demand he not do the flight out of spite, but because her fear of flying had her terrified that something bad would happen to her loving husband. On that basis, loving husband decided it best not to hit the final frontier.

And in doing so, he happened to pick up a £30,000 cash alternative. Not too bad at all then.

After rejecting the flight, Mr Rigby said: "The opportunity to win a space flight immediately captured my imagination so it is with massive regret I pass up this opportunity.

"My wife means the world to me and the last thing I would want is to cause her worry. The cash prize will enable us to re-decorate our home, have a nice holiday and even buy a new car. These are all things that benefit both of us, but I'm afraid it's a triumph of pragmatism over dreams."

Sigh. What a nice man.

The gentlemanly competition winner was one of 14,000 entrants, all of whom wanted to board a sub-orbital space flight that would allow them to look down over Earth, becoming "one of a very select band of humans to witness a sunrise from the edge of space," according to Peugeot.

Entrants were tasked with finding 20 Peugeot 3008s hidden on a specially commissioned panoramic picture of London.
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