Boba fettled old Golf is as quick as Bugatti Veyron (video)

We know, we know. There's a steady stream of stuff claiming to be as quick, or almost as quick, or quicker than a Bugatti Veyron. This clapped out old Golf Mk 2 is just another one.

But what's special about this one is captured in the video below. Seeing an old Golf catapult away from a starting line as though it's been smacked from Heaven by Fred Perry using the universe's biggest tennis racquet is fairly spectacular. If you're into this sort of thing.
The 1989 Golf has been fettled by German tuning company Boba, with work including fitting a 4Motion four-wheel drive system and a drag-spec six-speed gearbox.

And while it's not surprising that the Boba chaps have strapped an enormous turbocharger to the engine, it is surprising that the engine block is an old 1.8-litre four-cylinder diesel unit. These days it runs on E85 biofuel.

It has around 900bhp, which is enough to propel the lightweight '80s runabout to 62mph in 2.7 seconds – just two tenths of a second tardier than a Bugatti Veyron.

The video below shows the car hitting a quarter mile at 159mph, having got there in 9.34 seconds. It's quite a spectacle, but we do advise you turn your speakers off for the duration on account of the shambolic techno-metal fusion backing track.
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