Video: Rock 'n' roll granny drives car into swimming pool

Is the 'car in swimming pool' thing rock and roll when it's an accident? No, it isn't, but the reaction of the 86-year-old lady involved in this saloon-meets-pool incident makes her more rock and roll than Frankie Cocozza could ever hope to be.

The surveillance footage you see below shows the result of an unfortunate attempt to hit the shops. Not literally, we assume, although we wouldn't be surprised...
The startlingly limber octogenarian, from Texas, set off the chain of events that led to splashdown when she crawled into her Chrysler Neon from the passenger side, after realizing she was parked too close to another car.

In doing so, she "either did the key or hit the gears" and the Neon reversed into another parked car. Then, inexplicably, the car shot forward into the pool.

Regardless of the whys and wherefores of the accident, we love this lady for her nonchalance and humour in the face of near death. "When [the water] started coming up I thought oh hell I'm going to drown, ok," she says when interviewed afterwards. "You get to be're gonna go with something!"

She was saved by a patio chair that held up the rear end of the car, stopping it from sinking completely. A man walking past casually mounts a rescue after seeing her struggle inside the car. Amazing.

Here's the news report:
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