Sussex hotter than Syria? November could be the warmest on record

Ruth Doherty

November could be the warmest since records began
November could be the warmest since records began


This November could be the warmest since records began 353 years ago, as Britain just enjoyed a weekend of temperatures up to 18C.

The scene across the country was not the norm for the average November, with children playing on the beach in sunny Brighton, and autumn leaves refusing to fall.

And forecasters said the mild weather is set to continue this week, with 15C temperatures expected in the south.

This autumn has already seen above average temperatures, with September being the sixth warmest on record, and October the eighth.

Positive Weather Solutions expert Jonathan Powell told The Sun: 'This month is on course to be one of the warmest on record, if not the warmest.'

According to the Daily Mail, Sussex was yesterday hotter than Syria, and Wales was warmer than Corfu, which had a high of 16C.

This month's average temperature has been more akin to May's normal 11.2C, say experts, with November's average November peaks being around 9.5C.

Charlie Powell, Met Office forecaster, told the paper: 'We have got an air flow coming from the South-East which has brought up some relatively mild weather from countries on the continent such as France and Germany.

'It's unusual that the temperatures have been higher than average for such a prolonged time. This is going to continue over the next few days.'


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